STAB & Vermont Mountain Bike Association

In 2013, STAB became an official chapter of Vermont Mountain Bike Association (VMBA). VMBA offers key benefits to the chapter in the form of trail grants, insurance coverage, administrative support, statewide advocacy, and the opportunity to readily connect with other chapters throughout Vermont. Their work has helped our programs and trail development enormously.

When you sign up as a STAB member through VMBA, you're not only supporting your local club directly, you're also supporting mountain biking and other trail activities at the state level. This translates to more access, more legislative support, and better relationships with other interest groups.

In addition to the support provided to the chapter organizations, VMBA offers a sweet membership package for individuals and families. The value of these benefits far exceeds the cost of membership, and many are good until April of next year! More information about member benefits, and a ready-to-submit member registration form, can be found right here on our Join Now page.

If you'd like to learn more about VMBA's recent and current initiatives,

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