TNR at the Jungle

May 7, 2019

We can't ride there yet, but we watch Mt. Ascutney go green.

Has winter finally come to an end?
White gone to silver
Silver tinged red
A motley gang of greens contend,
Olive, Kelly, jade, mint, teal
Blue spruce, chartreuse
The hues let loose!
Slowly, they ascend,
To hemlock defer,
To pine, to fir
Then ripen to an emerald blend

Great, grassy fingers hold a story
Of ventures past and former glory
Sport and fun
Joy and sorrow
Hope and challenge for tomorrow

The canopy betrays some shards of gray
Vast slabs and hoary precipices
Calling us to clamber
On proud cliffs and in shy crevices.
Beneath the blanket, boulders beckon
Toppled from their craggy perches
By forces we can barely reckon
They now rest among the birches

And from the stone, meltwater drips
Soaks through mosses, seeps and trickles
Rolls through rills
Over rocks, it rumbles
Tumbles into pools, and leaves in ripples
Feeding forest ferns, sedge, foliage and lichen
Inviting walking, running, hiking
Tracking fauna, birding, biking
Bushwhack, trail work, dog walk, liking
Just sitting on a rock to savor every minute
Feel the moment
Linger in it

Summer slides, and soon
Too soon
With fading moon
Sun breaks above a white fog mantle
Crisp, blue and clear
And as I feared
Imperfection in the scenery!
Bright and bold, a fleck of gold
Cries out against the greenery
Quick! a picnic, climb, or scramble!
Grab for all the green that you can handle!


We ride from Jake's house.  Bring a beverage that goes well with Jakes smoked chicken after the ride

84 Parrish View Rd., West Windsor
Meet at 5:45, ride at 6:00

Evidently Google Maps doesn't have the address.  Paste in the co-ordinates 43.515458998925,-72.485905899414,



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