Starry Night Snowshoe

February 12, 2018

 Tuesday night we will snowshoe up on the ski slopes.  We won't get as high as this, nor will the view be quite the same, but it looks like a clear night with no moon in the mid-twenties, so we'll have to stop often to marvel at the stars and contemplate the vastness of the universe (optional.)  We will follow biking trails, so the 1.5 mile route (or less, if you want) won't be too steep.  The preferred equipment will be snowshoes or skis with a climbing pattern.


At 6:20, we'll meet at the rope tow warming hut (first left off of Ski Tow Rd., after going under the skier bridge.  Afterward, we'll regroup around the hut stove and discuss what incredible snowshoers we were.  The less than incredible (all of you) are invited to come, too.  You will have plenty of company.


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