Snowshoes, Bikes or Micro-Spikes

January 16, 2018

By tradition, each post we poeticize.
“But, how do we do that?,”

You ask

(I surmise.)
So let me explain,

If you will excuse me,
Just how I would herald the snowshoe this Tuesday:

I’d establish a rhythm with meter and time,
Alliterate, assonate,

Make up a rhyme,
Choose clever words,

(Assuming I know ‘em,)
Then put them together,

Present you a poem.

But rather than spending time doing all that,
Just to spread an informative,

Warm welcome mat,
Going on any longer,

I’d be greatly remiss,
So instead I’ll inform you by just saying this:

We meet at 6:30 this Tuesday, at Town Forest parking lot at the end of Coaching Lane.  Bring snowshoes, fat bike or micro spikes - it’s slippery out there.  We’ll group according to means of conveyance and head out toward the Falls Trail, coming back via Mile-Long Field.  The more ambitious will break off toward Gracie’s Loop and whatever tickles their fancy.  If warm enough, stay and socialize in the parking lot.

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