Found Some Dry Trails for Tuesday Night Ride

May 1, 2017



I'm repeating an old one because it fits right now:


Tuesday Night Rides

It’s cold,
The leaves aren’t out yet.
It’s dank, getting dark, and it’s dirty.
I’ve had a hard day,
Kept the banker at bay,
Now it’s wine time or maybe beer-thirty.

So, why should I ride, when I could be inside,
In the comfort of couch and the kitchen,
Let the tube bring me sports
And shows of all sorts
Or there's video games if I'm itchin’?

Why do we rise to the challenge;
Try our power, endurance, and balance;
Pedal hours on end,
Climb the hills and descend,
Let the roots and the rocks test our talents?

When all's said and done, votes are in, races run
And all of our energy's spent,
We can easily bail,
But we head for the trail
‘Cause we can't get enough "funishment!"


A lot of the trails on the mountain are wet, but I've found a dry route.  Join me Tuesday at 5:45 at the main trailhead.  All are welcome.

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