Barnard Bound

July 31, 2016


Tuesday Night Ride 8/2/16

I’ve said this before,
Now, I’ll say it again
Each week’s TNR
Is ‘bout riding with friends,
Enjoying the exercise,
Fields, forest, and vista.
But some criticize,
“That’s like kissing your sistah!”
“I bike to race.
it’s about competition.”
Fine, set your own pace,
But with this admonition:

You will miss plenty
if you don’t pause to look.
I wonder if any
Fish or frogs in the brook
Or deer in the thicket,
Birds high in the sky,
We have on exhibit
As we pedal by,
Can fathom the beauty
Surrounding them always.
Are they focused on duty -
Trees and paths, just their hallways?

We have the ability
To challenge our senses,
(Not just agility,
Strength and defenses)
To see and hear waterfalls,
Smell every flower,
Identify bird calls,
Be cooled by a shower,
If we’re not stuck on pride
And the medals we’ve garnered,
Especially on this ride
Through the green hills of Barnard.

Come climb through the field,
Be awed by the views
(I’ll now sneak an appeal
To please pay your dues)
Cruise home through the trees
Oh yes, how good that feels!
Have a beer if you please
As you’re packing your wheels,
Gears, helmet and cranks.
And just before leavin’
Be sure to give thanks
To both Janice and Steven.

Meet at 5:45 at Steve Cota’s (Lime Pond Restorations) at 980 Lime Pond Rd., Barnard, VT.


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