• Jim Lyall

Tuesday Night Oops?

There are lots of spots we’d ride if we could

Big and small,

Far and near

But Tuesday’s weather ain’t looking so good

Chance of thunderstorms,

I fear

I’m thinking we stay in the neighborhood

Let’s not be going too far

Nor venturing far into the woods

Wanna stick close to the car

We want to be able to bail if we should

Without major complications

So riding at Swoops and Loops would be good


Without hesitations

And if the weather turns out to be good

And all are still feeling fine

We’ll take a second lap or we could

Reverse it,

And have a great time.

Meet at 5:45 across from Ascutney State Park, 1826 Back Mountain Rd, Windsor, group according to desired energy level, and head out at six. The meeting area may be tight, so please bring a mask. The terrain is mostly gently flowing with fun for all - no one will be dropped.

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