• Jim Lyall

TNR at Fifth & Broadway

Such scenery and greenery!

It’s gettin’ mighty pretty

Black-eyed Susans, crazy Daisies

Let’s ride the streets of New York City!

Non-sequitur, you might infer

But no, I really mean it

Flowers blooming everywhere

Believe it when you’ve seen it.

Ain’t talking no Big Apple

I am talking ‘bout our mountain

The one we like to hike and bike

And ski and fool around on

We’ll ride the trails

With names that hail

From places nowhere near here

(Not that they aren’t lovely streets-

Steer clear of snooty sneers here)

We’ll even climb a trail sublime

To the quarry and its views

Then quickly ditch the members there

Who haven’t paid their dues

No, I didn’t really mean that

It was simply a reminder

But last time we came back one short

Perhaps, we might still find her

We won’t be dropping anyone

Due to membership or fitness

Everyone will have tons of fun

Or may God be my witness

Meet at AOC, 449 Ski Tow Rd., Brownsville at 5:45. Ride at six.

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