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WTF Trail Day

The Weathersfield Town Forest has a network of old doubletrack trails that the town is reopening for multi-use recreation. Phase one, this Saturday the 19th is to clean up the windfall (trees and branches) and a bit of weed whacking, so it can be used for hiking and skiing this fall and winter. Next spring, we'll make the treadway more bike friendly for some great beginner loops added to what's available on Swoops and Loops. (Also some great future singletrack opportunities.)

STAB will be joining with other Weathersfield volunteers at 8:45 at the Swoops & Loops parking. Bring tools for cutting logs, branches and brush, with appropriate safety gear, plus water, snack and gloves. Per usual, we'll call it quits at noon.

Let's get this new link up and running, so we can continue toward the goal of a trail around the mountain.

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