• Jim

Back to Our Woods

The temperature is not Gonna be so GD hot! In fact, this Tuesday’s weather Couldn’t get a whole lot better Riding crazy, hazy eighties is foolish and cruel But come this TNR, you know it’s gonna be cool To ride with the eSTABlishment from the Town Forest Lot Where some will opt for crazy stuff while others will not I’ll be going with the others: sisters, brothers, kids and mothers Who want a mellow ride, because, that is just their druthers. But remember, members: it will probably be dark By the time you get your carcass back to where the car is parked. We’ll try to plan the latter stuff for out in the open But getting back the light-lack pack will certainly be gropin’ So plan on sticking close to your lamp-lit fellow humans Or get yourself one off-the-shelf - at least 100 lumens.

Same time - meet at 5:45

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