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Safely Swooping and Looping

Sitting back on the couch Nursing an ouch Leg iced and raised on the hassock I’m thinking of all The bike crashes I recall Most mundane, but some quite dramatic Bumps, bruises and falls But I think, of them all, Going over the bars is the classic Accidents can happen when you least expect it With no need to be careful, restraint is rejected Toss caution out the window And end up in an end-o We all know how that feels: Sudden stop of the wheels Life in slow motion Going head over heels You can’t see and can’t tell But you do have a notion That this may not end well. The suspense is immense But make no pretense Frightful visions notwithstanding The worst part is the landing And it could be intense Hit the dirt Rip your shirt Hope to heck you’re not hurt Check for breathing Then bleeding Yay! Your heart is still beating! If you’ve figured you’re injured But not seriously hindered Often best not to linger. With both functioning fingers Brush off the debris Slowly rise from the loam And listen to me Treat your injury gingerly But, now, get the hell home

We will (safely) ride Swoops and Loops (Back Mountain Rd., across from the Mt. Ascutney State park entrance) this Tuesday, starting at 5:45. Make it either a short ride, or take a second lap in reverse.

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