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TNR on Wednesday

Tuesday comes on a Wednesday this week! I just gave the weather application a peak And at best, the conditions for Tuesday look bleak So let’s give the schedule a bit of a tweak Why waste this Wednesday? It looks like a beauty TNR is always on Tuesdays But it’s not our duty To ride only the true day Remain righteous and snooty What’s best is that we play So let's all go to Moody Our Claremont contingent’s extended an invite So let us avail of their talents and incite For building us trails that are awesome and outa sight And for offering us extra for riders this Wednesday night Just after solstice, there’s plenty of sunlight For ending at Mike’s pool for swimming at twilight Moody Park on Maple Street in Claremont at 5:45 on WEDNESDAY. After the ride, we’ll caravan to Mike Theroux’s house nearby to swim and socialize.

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