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Thursday Night Spike Hike

I'm of the faction that goes for traction

Donning boots, which I lace or fasten

then putting spikes or Yaktrax on

or some other contraptions

I don't want slippage to create detraction

When pushing back, I want opposite reaction

No energy lost to slide or compaction

anything else would be a distraction

From keeping my eye on the main attraction:

The night woods magic, which is our passion

Although we exercise, we are also relaxing

Improving health to our greater benefaction

Not to mention the merits of group interaction.

Town Forest at 6:00 we go into action

Then back to the BBaP while they still have the taps on

What's your reaction?

Does that meet with your satisfaction?

We meet at the town forest parking lot, 750 Coaching Lane at six and move out soon there after, hiking what Ascutney Trails that those who arrive so desire. I recommend traction devices, such as micro-spikes or Yaktrax attached to you boots or shoes, but they aren't imperative if careful attention is paid to the icy spots. It won't be a long hike, as we try to get back in time for a brew at the Brownsville Butcher and Pantry. All are welcome.

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