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Been A While

If you like to ride, Then let me suggest That I be your guide And you be my guest I’ll show you a trail that weaves through the trees like you’re jibing a sail, Swinging, swaying on skis Climb a path to a meadow Yielding views of the hills Alter tempo with sweet flow, Bumps and jumps adding thrills Over rocks, and through hemlocks Crossing over a stream Cruise down a long boardwalk Then back home where we came And if we have fun We can do it again Not just “one and done” I’m sure that we can Find others that might Like to join us each week So let’s pick a night Make a date, so to speak I suggest Tuesdays Plan ahead, Set aside All else for our forays Call it “Tuesday Night Ride.” Wait! If I’m not mistaken I’ve heard that before It’s taking me back then To old days of yore So hop onto your bike seat Hold on tight to the bar Crank the pedals with both feet And restart TNR The Spencers want us back! We’ll ride their great trails, like we did in June, but this time bring lights. Meet at 5:45 at 1965 Hunt Rd., Windsor (it's called Coon Club Rd. from the West Windsor side.) Drive through the gate and park at the top of the hill. We head out at 6:00.

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