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TNR: Mardi Gras

As many of you know, the combination of intense rain and over 2,000 runners resulted in a lot of damage to the Ascutney Trails. Much of it will heal over time, as we've seen with rainy VT50's, but some spots are going to take some repair work. Ragnar is helping us with repairs, but we are in a time squeeze. We are hosting the Point to Point this Saturday, and it includes two rides and a run on our trails, many of which overlap with the Ragnar race course. So we need your help this Tuesday.

Some benching needs repair, but a lot of the damage is just muddy footprints that need smoothing out. The mud has dried enough to be malleable, but not mucky. So let's have a Fat Tuesday (or as the French say, "Mardi Gras") ride for those of you that have tires fat enough to do just the right smooshing and smoothing (fats and mid-fats.) The rest of us will offer up some of our normal riding time to give our trails some TLC.

Meet at the usual time (5:45) at Ski Tow Rd. trail head. We'll have tools, and post work/ride beers, you bring gloves, water, etc.

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