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Lou's Loop to Quarry Lookout

For a first ride on the new trail named in his memory, we go back to a post from the late, great Lou Schmertz:

Ah last week what a pain wouldn't you know it had to rain so this week I write to you for a Tuesday night redux for the riding that we lack the cure will be some single track lets meet at Ski Tow Rd. at 5:30 wear some duds you can get dirty because at 5:45 the ride will make you come alive!

He got that right, except for the times. We meet at 5:45 and leave the parking lot at 6:00. After climbing the new Lou's Loop, we will continue up Broadway to the first official ride on Quarry Lookout. It's a climb, but is well rewarded by the view at the quarry and the ride back down.

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