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(T)Shoesday and Fat Wednesday

Tuesday is Shoesday,

We'll snowshoe the full moon,

6:30 at Ascutney

In the main lot, we'll commune.

For stomping in the open

The ski slopes are a boon

You comin'?

We're hopin'.

It should warm up real soon.

Not like what we've been copin'

with (nor like June or Cancun.)

But, the teens is way warmer,

so escape your cocoon,

turn on your muscle burners

then return for Harpoons.


Let's not forsake Jake

He asked me to say that

He's been stomping the Jungle

and the trails are quite phat!

So he's planning, this Wednesday

for a ride where he's at.

Just in case, bring skis or 'shoes

And bike tires quite fat

He says, "Get there by 6:30",

So, I guess that is that.

84 Parrish View Rd., West Windsor

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