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Come Celebrate the TNR Season!

Last ride on the mountain, Last Tuesday, was fun Wish the season could last, And continue it’s run But Hey! everyone TNR isn’t done! We all have been issued an invite from Jake To celebrate the past season, before taking a break It’s a potluck at his house for all to partake Of the great stuff you’ll bring That you’ll make, buy or bake: Salads, and casseroles, Or hors d’oeuvres to cake Won’t want to miss this! Don’t stay home, for Pete’s sake! And for those of you wanting to get in your last licks, A short ride through Joe’s Jungle will be leaving at six. But you’ve only an hour to get your ride fix ‘Cuz at seven o’clock you will join in the mix With the others arriving for food, drink and kicks 7:00, Tuesday 11/7 Potluck at Jake Margulies’ house, 84 Parrish View Rd., West Windsor Short ride in the jungle at 6:00

Evidently Google Maps doesn't have the address. Either paste in the co-ordinates 43.515458998925,-72.485905899414, or refer to this from Apple Maps:

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