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Bike Fever? Cure it Tuesday!

Don’t know why Don’t know where I don’t know if I really care But there is one thing That I know for sure If your fingers itch Legs shake and twitch And you're jumpy and grumpy as a son-of-a-bitch It's Bike Fever! And there’s just one cure Gotta get out, Get your butt upon a bike Won’t do you no good to run, walk or hike I don’t care where,

Ride any trail you like But, at least five miles Of singletrack - no fewer If it should strike you late at night, Please heed this warning: Don’t bug me then I’ll tell you when: Take two aspirin, And call me in the morning. We'll go up on the mountain and give those trails a tour. Once we’ve quenched the fever’s fire, No longer wired, Just sweaty and tired Head on back to our humble shack, Wearing all the while a smile With a lasting joy so pure.

It 's not only the last TNR at Ascutney for a while, but Halloween, too! So come dressed to spook us all! We'll meet at the Town Forest Parking lot at the end of Coaching Lane at 5:45.

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