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Ride Now (and Tuesday)

Ride, ramble, run or romp for fun through forest, field and fern, Through boulder fields ’Neath water falls Spellbound at every turn As Autumn’s awesome show hits peak in color, variety and density Get out, ride, run, hike, dance, have fun, whatever your propensity Be proactive, do activities you’ve found fun or play a new way But, get out today ‘cuz who’s to say the leaves will stay for Tuesday The beauty that our mountain holds, we cannot take for granted Whether native, new, Just passing through, Or long ago transplanted, Enjoy the magic scene right now or soon be disenchanted The fleeting nature of fall’s fiery fest Impressive, but impermanent Soon brown on bough Then down, cloaked now With flakes falling from the firmament But then again, The fun won’t end We’ll slip and slide on white stuff, heaven-sent.

This Tuesday we will ride from the Coaching Lane trailhead, meet at 5:45, ride at 6:00, and bring lights.

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