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Tuesday Night Throwback

There are trails around my place that need riding. If we don’t keep traffic up, they will go into hiding: The leaves grow back We lose the track Moss and grass will build up, like green dental plaque. But, don’t give me flak, Jack Or any wisecracks It’s not all that black,

They're not totally wack. Some friends and I and an old lumberjack Put together an excellent plan of attack. Thwack!

We whacked We smacked, and hacked Blew leaves and debris like a crazed maniac Now we’re back on track And it’s riding as smooth as a new Cadillac But we can’t let traffic slack. Tuesday night, throw your rig on your rack Hop on those wheels, and give it a crack. If you've a knack for attacking some sweet singletrack,

Dirt road, doubletrack, but none of that tarmac, We'll ride out and around and all the way back Till we get to my shack for a beer and a snack

(Perhaps a six-pack?) And also a swim (throw a suit in your pack) Kick back and relax before hitting the sack And give thanks for the fact that there’s little we lack.

Meet at 5:45 at Jim's - 3698 Route 44, Brownsville

Ride at 6:00. Some snacks, drinks and swimming after.

Some roads involved, so not dog-friendly.

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