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Tuesday Night - Ride? or Ascutney Presentation?

Weather ain't looking as good as it should Wanna head for the woods, know we would if we could So where should we go, if we go on with the show? The decision takes vision - Here’s a few things we know: Don't stray far from your car Keep your eye on the radar Can't have rocks, roots, mud, steep slopes, or gnar in your repertoire. Can't mix stone walls with rain fall, or downpours will be our downfall. And with weather iffy, a close trail’s the obvious call. A long haul’s the wrong call for a ride with the troops, So let’s make it short and sweet at super Swoops and Loops.

(Park across from Mt. Ascutney State Park on Rte 44A at 5:45)

Chance of precipitation is 50%. If you decide not to ride, join the rest of us who will be attending a presentation on Ascutney Trails by Dartmouth Environmental Science students:

This spring, Environmental Studies Program (ENVS) students at Dartmouth College worked for the second year in a row with partners at Ascutney Outdoors, STAB, the Upper Valley Land Trust, and the National Park Service to contribute to ongoing efforts in community-based conservation and recreation management at Mount Ascutney and in Town Forest. Town Forest has significant ecological attributes and provides diverse social benefits to West Windsor and surrounding communities. This year, the 2017 ENVS capstone class worked on multiple projects, including researching opportunities for bringing music to the mountain, grant writing to support partners’ initiatives, helping design an interpretive trail system, proposing a revenue model to help maintain and expand mountain biking opportunities, developing short-term, mountain-based camps for local and regional families, and mapping out a plan for monitoring trails and user experiences to maintain the quality of the ecological and recreational life at Ascutney. On May 30th, ENVS students from Dartmouth will present a summary of their findings and contributions to this community-based initiative. Please join us for the presentation and discussion:

Date: Tuesday, May 30

Time: 5:30-7:00

Location: Mountain View Ballroom, Ascutney Mountain Resort, Brownsville, VT

Hors d’ouevres and refreshments served

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