• Erik Schutz

Let the Tuesday Night Rides Begin

First Tuesday Night Ride 2017 I’m looking outside And it’s almost that time. I’m ready for the woods: a ride, A hike, a run, a climb! But mountain trails aren’t ready yet, So I’ll tell you what to do: Have another cigarette, two donuts and a brew. No, that won’t shake the muddy blahs When we’re feeling like a toad, So how’s about, we still head out, But, do our riding on the road? A better call than alcohol, Sugar rush, and nicotine: Let’s ride the first flight of Tuesday Night In twenty seventeen. Meet at Skunk Hollow Tavern parking lot at 5:45. At 6:00 we’ll head out on the traditional first TNR route on dirt roads and pavement. All levels welcome - hey, I haven’t been on my bike yet, either.

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