• Erik Schutz

First Annual Ascutney Lopster* Fest

Saturday, November 19th, noon to 3:00 (Nearly 18 hours advance notice!) We will climb Broadway (AKA Snowdance) to lop or saw off the occasional dangerous stumps that remained after the hired crew brush-cut the slope. That done, the trail can be skied safely with very little snow! We are going midday, when the deer aren’t as active, in respect for both hunters who sometimes hunt the upper ski slopes. Looks like it will be a beautiful day to be up on the mountainside. On the way down, you can help clean out some of the old ski area glades and become an official Ascutney Gladiator with all the privileges** that that includes. Meet at noon at the main kiosk to shuttle part-way up the mountain, and finish with some refreshments on the rope tow warming hut deck. *Bring your own loppers and branch saws. ** Boasting rights and an occasional stick in the eye.

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