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Ascutney to A Soaking

We tried this last year and got lightninged out, so we’ll try it again: Let's ride the town forest, then just keep on riding A log road and singletrack route I'm devising. The end of the path is the place I'm residing Where I'm offering beer and wine, chips and good tidings So for this Tuesday night I am hereby inviting You to get off your duff and come out of hiding For a point to point ride that should be exciting 5:45 is the time for arriving At nine we'll return by a truck I'll be driving But charge up your batteries now for trail lighting

We won’t need lights this year since we’re doing it 2 months earlier, but we will need bathing suits. After a ride, there’s nothing better than sitting in 86° water with friends, sipping a beer. If a few of you will come and park at my house (you are welcome to leave some cold beer) after dropping your bike at the Town Forest parking lot at the end of Coaching Lane, the shuttling just might work. The rest we will meet at the TFPL.


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