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TNR 6/21/16 - This just in: Fathers Day officially extended through Tuesday for a Trek Demo Night

Hey! Hey! Whatcha doin' Big Boy? What hey? Still ridin' on that old toy? No way! You're needin' somethin' better. Your wife is saying, "No!” But I just say "Forget her!" Even better yet, pull the Fathers Day card There’ll be a shiny set of wheels standing in the yard Don’t know what to get? Well man, we gotcha covered Every sort of mountain bike that’s ever been discovered Plus fats and mids for us and kids, both rigid and suspended and every kind of mix thereof that can be comprehended (And if you don't appear, I will be personally offended.) The Trek Truck will be loaning out demos at STAB's Tuesday Night Ride on the 21st at 5:45 in the main Ascutney Trails parking lot. Don't really know what-all they've got in that big truck, but it's worth coming to try them out..


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