• Jim

TNR is all Swoops! Maybe some loops!

Put out an APB, call out the troops. Everyone needs to come ride Swoops and Loops If that’s not enough to make you holler and whoop,

Climb the road to the pavilion and snack with the group Don’t bring nothin’ fancy, don’t be jumping through hoops Just beverage and munchies, don’t pack salads or soups But, maybe a headlamp, so we don’t end with “Oops!”

Meet on Rte 44A across from Mt. Ascutney State Park at 5:45. We'll ride Swoops & Loops (designed for Newbies, but fun for all) at 6:00. Then the more ambitious will ride halfway up the auto road to the pavilion, where we will munch and sip whatever you bring and enjoy the view.


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