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New York State of Ride

Start spreading the news We're riding Tuesday You want to be a part of it Ascutney's New York!

Your vagabond bike Is longing to stray Right through the very heart of it. Ascutney's New York!

You want to ride up a mountain trail That's not too steep And find you're king of the hill Top of the heap

These mountain bike blues Are melting away You're gonna make a brand new start of it On Fifth and Broadway!

If you ride with us there You’ll join us everywhere It’s up to you Ascutney's New York!

5/17/2016: meet at Ascutney Trails main trailhead at 5:45. We’ll group and go by 6:00. The more ambitious group will add to this route, but the rest of us will stay on these novice and intermediate trails (in yellow above) and not let anyone drop.


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