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TNR 5-3-16 I don’t want to argue I don’t want to fight I just want to ride Ascutney Trails this Tuesday Night.

We’ve opened up Some more great stuff That’s raring for you riders. Don’t know the way? Well that’s okay, You’re guided by insiders Who’ll show you fun On South Ridge Run, On Lynx and Escalator. Does that sound good? I knew it would. Well then, we’ll see you later.

What’s that, you say? That’s not okay? Too tough? it’s too demanding? In fear of getting left behind, or maybe a crash landing? Well that’s okay I know a way That you will find outstanding.

Join the crew Just right for you the opposite direction. They’re twisting pines and riding hay, A gentler selection. Does that ride stuff Sound good enough? I say it is perfection.

Meet at the Town Forest Trailhead at the end of Coaching Lane at 5:45. We’ll form ride groups and head out at 6:00. This ride is dog friendly, and of course, Newbie friendly.


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