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We rode there before Now we’ll ride there again, But this time we honor The late Mary Fenn. Remember her kindness Compassion and good humor. I would end with those words, but from last year, a few more: Last week we had a good ride on the mountain There are miles and miles offsite, but then who is countin’? ‘Stead of countin’, we’re ridin’ the trails up at Fenn Way. Not the ballpark in Boston where you might on a good day See a homer, a triple or suicide squeeze play, No, the Bible Hill trails we’ll be riding this Tuesday. The time is the same, but in case you’ve forgotten At five forty-five you’ll arrive, or if not then Just be there by six, and be quick with no problems Or all you will see is the backs of our bottoms. Meet at 5:45 at 181 Jewett Rd. 05037, park in the field across from the dog. Ride at 6:00. Ride Rating: Most of the ride is not technical, but there is a fair amount of climbing. The B group will skip a loop that includes more climbing and the most technical terrain. A couple of short, back road sections, so ride is dog friendly.


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