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Ascutney Outdoors

Ascutney Outdoors is a nonprofit organization responsible for developing, managing and financing recreational opportunities on Mt. Ascutney. It is the desire of the organization that these opportunities be available and affordable for all. Ascutney Outdoors will also be responsible for the oversight of conservation and education programs within the West Windsor Town Forest.

Ascutney Outdoors and STAB are closely connected and work to cooperatively manage the mountain bike trail network located on the slopes of Mt. Ascutney, known as Ascutney Trails.

While the Ascutney Trails Mountain Bike network is STAB's primary and most acclaimed trail network, the brand name "Ascutney Trails" is commonly used to refer to the entirety of trails situated on Mt. Ascutney - including hiking and skiing.

Ascutney Outdoors  
PO Box 101,  Brownsville, VT 05037

Ascutney Trails Association

The Ascutney Trails Association was incorporated as a non-profit organization in January of 1967. Its intended purpose is for the maintainance of present and future hiking trails on Mt. Ascutney, building and maintaining shelters, hunting out special points of interest to which trails may be opened, gathering items of history and anecdotes on the mountain, and publishing a guide book.

Membership is offered for individuals and families on an annual or lifetime basis. If you are interested in joining us, please fill out a membership form and mail it to:

Ascutney Trails Association

P.O. Box 147

Windsor, Vermont 05089.


For questions, or to volunteer, please feel free to email .

A detailed guide to the trails on Mount Ascutney is also available - the Ascutney Trails Guidebook, 7th Edition.

In it you will find a brief history of Ascutney's hiking trails, a fold-out map, and a guide to the present day Windsor, Weathersfield, Brownsville, and Futures trails - all enclosed in a heavy duty zip-lock pocket protector. Guide books are presently available at any of the following locations, or by mail from the above address. The cost is $7.00.

Windsor-Mt. Ascutney Region Chamber of Commerce 
Three Seasons Gifts & Antiques - Windsor, VT 
The Ascutney State Park - Ascutney, VT 
Brownsville Butcher and Pantry - Brownsville, VT
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