STAB Board of Directors


Office                                          Name

President                                   C. Michael Bell

Treasurer                                  Lorinda Button

Secretary                                   Colin Eggleton

At-Large                                    Jake Margulies

At-Large                                    Wendi Lorenz

At-Large                                     Matt Kantola

At-Medium                                Leah Gartner

At-Medium                                Alex Racicot

Trail Manager                           Jim Lyall

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STAB Bylaws

Article I – Name 

The name of the organization shall be the Sport Trails of the Ascutney Basin, hereinafter known as STAB.



The following logo created by Jim Lyall is copyrighted to STAB and shall be used for club purposes only.

Article II – Mission 

The purpose of STAB is to advocate continued accessibility of low-impact, local trails used for multiple non-motorized sports in West Windsor, Hartland, Reading, Weathersfield and Windsor (Vermont), through mutual cooperation with landowners, other local organizations, state and local officials, and conservation groups. STAB seeks to educate all parties involved with respect to environmentally sound methods of responsible trail usage, building, and maintenance. STAB seeks permission from private and public landowners to create and maintain sport trails. 

Article III – Club Status


STAB shall function as a not for profit organization. The club shall maintain the Internal Revenue Code status as an affiliate member of VMBA (Vermont Mountain Bike Association).  The club shall also maintain an IMBA Club Membership. 

Article IV – Membership

Section 1. STAB is a volunteer group. Membership is attained by paying the appropriate annual dues for individual or family and by signing an appropriate waiver/release membership application. The Club shall maintain a non-discriminatory admissions policy with membership available to all without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation or disability. Membership shall be open to anyone supporting the Mission Statement of the club.

Section 2. The secretary, upon attaining membership status, will provide a copy of these by-laws to each member. Regular Memberships shall be individual ($30.00): age 18 and above; youth  ($15.00): ages 13-17, with the approval of parent or legal guardian; or family ($50.00): a family or household unit, including dependent children. The membership year is from April 1 through March 31.

Renewal dues shall be charged at the full annual rate.

Additional fees may be assessed for other activities or requirements. Additional fees must be approved by a majority of the Executive Board. 

STAB reserves the right to cancel or suspend any membership at any time for any reason deemed necessary by the Board, with emphasis on those things that reflect on the club in a negative manner. The Executive Board shall be required to send written notice of pending suspension or revocation of the membership to the concerned party at his/her last known address. The written notice shall include specific reference to the allegations being made that led to the action. The member concerned shall have fourteen (14) days to respond to the allegations, or request a hearing before the Executive Board.

Requests for the refund of club dues shall be made in writing to the Executive Board. The Executive Board shall determine whether the request for refund is honored. 

Article V – Government

  • The government of the club shall be by an Executive Board.

  • The majority of board members shall not reside in the same town.  

  • The Executive Board shall consist of the Executive officers, the chairmen of standing committees, the immediate past president and, for the period ending December 31 following expiration of their terms, all other immediate past officers.

  • The duties of the Executive Board shall be to construct and implement club policy. It shall also be responsible for implementation of programs and activities to support the Mission Statement of the club.

  • Board meetings will be held at a consistent time and date each month for at least 9 months each year.

  • On items requiring approval of the Executive Board, a simple majority of all Board members shall be required.

  • The Executive Officers of the Club shall be a President, Treasurer, and at least 3 At-Large Members.

  • Trail Manager will be appointed by the board.

  • The elected officers shall be elected annually at the Fall member meeting to serve terms commencing January 1 and ending the 31st of the following December. Terms for officers are 2 years with a 2 consecutive term limit for each person.

  • Officer duties will be elected by the board at the first meeting after elections.

  • Should the Presidency become vacant, the remaining board members shall appoint a member to the Presidency. A vacancy in any other office shall be filled by special elections at the next club meeting following the occurrence of the vacancy.

  • Additionally, the Executive Board shall insure that the legal affairs of the club are in order and that it is adequately protected by liability insurance.

  • Upon approval by the Executive Board, issues of general interest to the Club may be voted upon by the general membership. 

Nomination and Election Process
annual election of officers

Month of September – Nominating topic will be posted and members will nominate each other or themselves for positions on the board. All board positions are considered open and for a ‘term’ of one year beginning at the annual meeting in October

October 1- to day before annual meeting – All nominated members will be notified of their nomination and asked if they accept the nomination.

October - Annual Board Meeting – Candidates that accept nominations will be placed on the ballot and all members are encouraged to come and vote for the candidate of their choice.  You must be present to vote. The votes will be tallied and the results announced during the meeting.

Voters must be present at the annual meeting to complete a paper ballot. 

A qualified voter is a dues paying member. 

Executive Board Duties

President The duties shall be to preside over meetings, to appoint Committee Chairmen, and to ensure the success of the club programs and activities.

Vice-President The duties shall be to preside in the absence of the President and to assist the President in the direction of the club activities.

Secretary The duties shall be to take Minutes of all club and Executive Board meetings, to maintain a file of all club correspondence, and to keep records of club activities.

Treasurer The duties shall be to accept payment of dues, to maintain an accurate account of club income and expenditures, to pay all bills approved by the Executive Board, and to report the state of the club finances.

Trail Manager The duties shall be to co-ordinate trail maintenance, trail building, and to monitor trail conditions. The Trail Manager shall also be responsible for the education of members on techniques for proper trail construction and maintenance, organization of monthly trail maintenance days and upkeep of all club owned equipment used for trail building and maintenance. 

Article VI – Meetings 

  • Club meetings shall be held in April, July, and October. Locations, dates, and times for each general meeting will be announced via email to all members a minimum of one week in advance. Quorum shall be declared with a minimum of three (3) officers present.

  • Robert’s Rule of order shall govern the order of business at a meeting.

  • The President, the Executive Board, or the Board of Directors shall be able to call special meetings.

  • Minutes of meetings shall be maintained and made available to all members. 

Article VII – Committees 


  1. The Landowner Liaison Committee shall be responsible for gaining and maintaining access to lands for the development of sport trails and acting as the liaison between the club and the various organizations that are involved in access issues.

  2. The Executive Board or membership shall create special Committees at large as the need arises.

  3. The President shall appoint all Committee Chairmen.

  4. Committee Chairmen shall be responsible for selecting their committee members and completing the tasks assigned to them. 

Article VIII – Checking Account/Expenditures 

Section 1.  STAB shall maintain a checking account at a local FDIC bank.  The account is to carry authorized signatures of the President and Treasurer.

Section 2.  The Executive Committee shall not make any single expenditure in excess of $250 without the majority approval of the membership at a general assembly meeting.

Section 3.  At the discretion of the board a savings account may be established in the same establishment as the checking account.

Section 4.  In the event of the clubs dissolution the highest remaining officer shall nominate a committee of a minimum of two people, but not to exceed three.  Each committee member shall nominate three not-for-profit organizations of his or her choice.  The nominations will be presented to the current membership for a vote.  A money order or cashiers check will be issued to the elected organization equal to all remaining funds of STAB after all outstanding accounts payable have been satisfied.  The secretary and treasurer will then close the books as necessary.  At such time, it shall be the responsibility of the treasurer or, if necessary, another officer to notify all appropriate agencies as to the dissolution of the Club. 

Article IX – Amendments

Amendments to these by-laws are permitted and shall be reviewed during a general assembly meeting for discussion, and grammatical composition. The amendment(s) shall be presented to the current membership for a vote. A passing vote will allow the amendment to take effect immediately following its acceptance and confirmation by the President.

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