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Ode on a Grecian Urn John Keats, 1819 “What men or gods are these? What maidens loth? What mad pursuit? What struggle to escape? What pipes and timbrels? What wild ecstasy?”… Ode on a Greasy Turn Chris Dolan, 2019 Keats had no use for the velocipede Which, he snarled, was the “nothing of the day” The Romantic preferred a nobler steed Nor would these awkward stanzas earn his praise Let us then lower our literary standards. Rain drips onto gray rock, slick, cool, and bright Did nature’s glacier so fashion this turn That eons hence wild, wheeled, woodland sprites Would worship here in joyful exertion? What ancients, with iron-rimmed,

August Trail Day Saturday 24th

The trail day is happening Saturday August 24th. Last month we made great progress on the State Park Connector Trail, but there's still lots to do, so we're gonna keep the momentum going. Meet at the Brownsville Trail parking lot at 8:30. Again, the project will be mostly dirt work. We will have tools available, but bring your own, if you have them. Don't forget gloves, water and a snack to hold you until we quit at noon. This time I'll bring appropriate quitting-time beverages. The picture above is further progress made by Ben Young, since our last trail day.

Return to Woodstock

No, not that Woodstock. When I pick a spot for us to go riding I expect that not all will agree That this is the ride to bring folks out of hiding New faces to join you and me But, when I say that this week’s just might be the one I think most of you will back me up ‘Cause just about everyone seems to have fun In Woodstock, at the town aqueduct To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Woodstock, the concert, we will ride at Woodstock, the aqueduct trails. Meet this Tuesday at 5:45 at the aqueduct garage, 2318 Cox District Rd. Woodstock, VT 05091. We ride at 6:00

Trails Closed Fri/Sat 8/16&17

The Ragnar Relay Race runs Friday through Saturday, August 16th and 17th. The three loops of the race involve the extent of the network on the mountain, so all trails will have to be closed for the duration, reopening Sunday morning. The 4-mile Swoops and Loops network, at the mt. Ascutney State Park are unaffected. Thank you for your patience. Hosting a few events like this makes trail building and maintenance possible, when use fees are added to membership and donation revenue.

TNR at Ascutney Trails

Here’s the situation: The poet’s on vacation So, don’t expect to find very much of a rhyme But you can bet that I’m Planning you a real good time If you miss this ride, you know you’re gonna be sorry ‘Cause we’re starting out the evening with a ride to the quarry It’s a bit of a climb But the view is sublime And the return’s not just fine. It is simply devine! The rest is a cruise So you’ve nothing here to lose By joining us, at the AOC (Or not, if you so choose) 5:45 Tuesday, Ascutney Outdoor Center, 449 Ski Tow Rd., Brownsville. Leave at 6:00 in A & B groups. All are welcome.

Trails Will Be Closed 8/10

Ascutney Trails are closed this Saturday (Aug. 10) for the Point to Point rides. Swoops and Loops trails (4 miles at Mt. Ascutney State Park) will be unaffected.

Ride at Joe's Jungle

I'm gonna juke, jive and jump in Joe’s Jungle Wiggle, jiggle, jingle, jangle, ramble through the Jungle Bumble, stumble, tumble, maybe land in a jumble Jibber, jabber, gybe, until my lung's crying “Uncle!” Join me in the Jungle for a ride this Tuesday night. Jake Margulies is hosting this week’s ride from his house at 84 Parrish View, in West Windsor. He will be smoking meats for eats after the ride, so bring something to share and your beverage of choice. Parking is limited so carpool if possible. Park on the grass right when you turn onto Parrish view or at the first house on the left after his driveway. As usual, we meet up at 5:45, roll at 6:00.

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