Cool in Pool after TNR

Since it’s going to be hot, I am just realizing We need to cool off, having been exercising (Ending with a swim is what I’m advising) So, let's ride the town forest, then just keep on riding A log road and singletrack route I'm devising. The end of the path is the place I'm residing Where I'm offering a swim, beverage, chips and good tidings Yes, for this Tuesday night I am hereby inviting You to get off your duff and come out of hiding For a point to point ride that should be exciting 5:45 is the time for arriving At nine-ish we'll return by a truck I'll be driving After swimming and diving, toweling and drying. After a ride, there’s nothing better than sitting in 84° water

TNR: Rained Out

Too much rain for too long for Toosday Night Ride See you 8:30 Saturday at the Brownsville Trail parking lot for Trail Day! Biking trails abound Good ones can be found Just have to ride around Then add them to your repertoire Your quest is never done Searching for the one That gives you tons of fun To ride and ride forevermore To find the one that's right You never know, you just might Ride it this Tuesday night With STAB, at Woodstock Reservoir. IN a FEW WEEKS Meet at 5:45 at the Woodstock Aqueduct garage at 2318 Cox District Rd Woodstock, VT 05091 We ride at 6:00

Safely Swooping and Looping

Sitting back on the couch Nursing an ouch Leg iced and raised on the hassock I’m thinking of all The bike crashes I recall Most mundane, but some quite dramatic Bumps, bruises and falls But I think, of them all, Going over the bars is the classic Accidents can happen when you least expect it With no need to be careful, restraint is rejected Toss caution out the window And end up in an end-o We all know how that feels: Sudden stop of the wheels Life in slow motion Going head over heels You can’t see and can’t tell But you do have a notion That this may not end well. The suspense is immense But make no pretense Frightful visions notwithstanding The worst part is the la

Say "Hay!" to Horses

We share the gravel roads and some of our trails with horses. The sudden appearance of a bike rider can scare them and get someone hurt. So, what should you do? 1. Slow down or stop. 2. Call out. This provides a warning to horse and rider as well as letting the horse know that you are only human, not some scary two-wheeled monster. And continue to talk as you let the horse and rider pass, or give them a wide berth. Let's all enjoy the ride safely.

TNR at Fennway, but...

Last week we had a good ride on the mountain There are miles and miles offsite, but then who is countin’? ‘Stead of countin’, we’re ridin’ the trails up at Fenn Way. Not the ballpark in Boston where you might on a good day See a homer, a triple or suicide squeeze play, No, the Bible Hill trails we’ll be riding this Tuesday. The time is the same, but in case you’ve forgotten At five forty-five you’ll arrive, or if not then Just be there by six, and be quick with no problems Or all you will see is the backs of our bottoms. But this week we will do a few things new Mike and Linda Andersen send an invite to you To start from their house and to end up there, too Then sit back, relax

Trail Day 7/13 - Connector

Our Trail Day this month is Saturday, July 13th, working on extending the State Park Connector Trail. We'll beat the heat by starting at 8:30 at the Brownsville Trail head at 3235 Route 44, Windsor. We will be clearing corridor and benching trail tread, so loppers and dirt tools are appropriate, but we have a good supply. Be sure to bring water and work gloves. At noon we'll call it a day. If you want to join us late, follow the trail along the old ox road above the initial steep switchbacks. In about 100 yards follow the flagging up the skidder road to the left.

TNR from Ascutney Outdoor Center

We spend time in the woods With the 'skeeters and ticks Not just 'cuz we're all such Old hicks from the sticks. The trails on Ascutney keep calling for kicks, So we scoot a new route Through this big bag of tricks Come join the STAB riders in their Tuesday pursuit Meet up at AOC 'bout a quarter to six.

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