TNR on Wednesday

Tuesday comes on a Wednesday this week! I just gave the weather application a peak And at best, the conditions for Tuesday look bleak So let’s give the schedule a bit of a tweak Why waste this Wednesday? It looks like a beauty TNR is always on Tuesdays But it’s not our duty To ride only the true day Remain righteous and snooty What’s best is that we play So let's all go to Moody Our Claremont contingent’s extended an invite So let us avail of their talents and incite For building us trails that are awesome and outa sight And for offering us extra for riders this Wednesday night Just after solstice, there’s plenty of sunlight For ending at Mike’s pool for swimming at twilig


This isn’t much of a rhyme for a reason: Ain’t got much time at this time of the season. Putting together the rides for the fest, Gotta be sure that our guides are the best. With practice this Tuesday night up on the mountain, They won’t just be good guides, they will be astounding! We are riding on the mountain again for Solstice Fest practice. This time we start from the town forest parking lot off Coaching lane at 5:45. Guides should figure on hanging around after in the parking lot to discuss ride guide details.


Mt. Ascutney Solstice Fest on June 22nd will be offering group runs. These social, no-drop runs will feature the varied scenic beauty of the Ascutney Trails network from field to forest, waterfall to vista. Starting at 9:30 there will a 3 to 5 mile and a 6 to 8 mile run, with optional extra mileage or bail-outs. Short and long runs will be offered again at 2:00 on different routes. Water will be available at several points along the way, but it will be offered CUP-LESS, to remain eco-friendly, so remember to bring a cup or bottle along. Stay after for the great music and food. And don’t miss the Solstice Sunset run down Mile-Long Field. Throughout the weekend, there will also be a s

Ascutney Trail Closings 6/15 & 22, 7/6

Over the next few weeks we will be closing some or all of the Ascutney Trails for varying periods of time to accommodate events we are hosting. This Saturday June 15th, the above trails will be closed from 9 to 11 AM for the West Windsor 5 & Dime trail running race. Note that much of the Town Forest lot accessed trails and some of the AOC - side trails will still be open. Saturday June 22nd, all Ascutney Trails will be closed all day for the Mt. Ascutney Solstice Fest fundraiser. Swoops and Loops trails, at Mt. Ascutney State Park on Route 44A will be open. Or, join us for guided rides, demos, music and more from 9AM to 10PM, and help support the trails The ski-side trail head will be clo

June Trail Day 6/8

We're having a trail day this Saturday to work on some off-mountain trails. Meet at the West Windsor town garage 2305 VT Route 44 at 8:45, organize the crew(s), and at 9:00 we'll head out to the site(s). Bring gloves, water and some trail building tools (bow saw, loppers, shovel, rake, hoe, pinch bar), or just bring yourself. Pizza after, at noon.

Tuesday Night Ride at Ascutney TF

It’s June and the mountain is pretty much green For the trails that we love, we all know what that means The leaves are out, sucking up all of this water Firm tread and cool temps, riding couldn’t be better So at 5:45, meet at Town Forest Lot Form A and B groups, roll at six on the dot Riding tech, flow, smooth, fast, slow, whatever we fancy But get back for last call at Butcher and Pantry

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