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ATA and STAB - Combined Spring Member Meeting 2020

We had an ATA and STAB spring membership meeting at Ascutney State Park on June 13, 2020.  Members present at the meeting heard updates on trail status, Ascutney State Park news and a Budget update.  Minutes of the meeting will be posted on the new Ascutney Trails website as soon as we can build the new website...Hopefully we'll have something going by the end of the month of June.

Thank you to Steve Giroux who was an integral part of ATA and helped our efforts to merge the two clubs together.  After ~20 years volunteering with ATA, Steve resigned from the BOD to volunteer on different efforts.  See you on the trials!

Members voted for 9 Directors to become the Board of Directors for Ascutney Trails Association.  Once voted the directors voted for officers.  The results:

  • President - Erik Schutz - 2 year term

  • Secretary - Stan Spencer - 1 year term

  • Treasurer - Matt Kantola - 1 year term

  • Vice President - Ben Bardwell - 2 year term

  • At-large - Wendi Reuter-Lorenz - 2 year term

  • At large - Aaron Day - 2 year term

  • At-large - Rob Knight - 1 year term

  • At-large - Issac Robison - 2 year term

  • At-large - Colin Eggleton - 1 year term

All board directors have a 2 year term limit.

At the end of 2019 we had a member meeting in which 2 new board members were voted in by the membership present.  Erik Schutz and Aaron Day.  On January 21, 2020 Officers were elected.

  • President - Erik Schutz

  • Secretary - Stan Spencer

  • Treasurer - Matt Kantola

  • Trail Manager - Jim Lyall

  • At-large - Wendi Reuter-Lorenz

  • At large - Aaron Day

  • At-large - Steve Giroux

  • At-large - Ben Bardwell

  • At-large - Colin Eggleton

Since that meeting we had a brainstorming session to prioritize goals for the organization.​

The major ones:

  • Budget Funds to support mission

  • Hire two employees to build and maintain trails during the MTB Season

  • Complete Merger with Ascutney Trails Association

  • Market and Brand club and trail system under new name

  • Solidify our mission as a regional club

While we have a few other plans, Covid-19 has stymied us somewhat as we move forward.  We worked out a simple plan to merge with Ascutney Trails Association, which became complicated due to the stay at home order.  The ultimate plan is to have the current STAB board voted in to become the current board of ATA.  At that point ATA would become a chapter of VMBA and STAB would dissolve.

  • We have a board approved budget for this year

  • We hired Jim Lyall and Michael Bell as trail workers

  • We are working on a branding and marketing plan which includes a new website, logo, web advertising and social media campaign.

  • The trail between Ascutney State Park and Ascutney Trails will be complete this summer!

So, we will keep you posted on our progress and hold a member meeting.  We have met as a board via zoom since March and will continue to do so.

Stay tuned


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