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Please choose STAB/Ascutney Trails for your primary membership so you'll get credit on our website.  Feel free to choose other clubs that you'd like to support.

By joining through the website you'll enjoy even more benefits than supporting your local/favorite trails!  As part of the membership you'll receive a coupon book with ski lift ticket discounts, free passes to pay-to-play trail and DH networks, and discounts at local establishments and bike shops. The savings from these benefits more than cover the dues, so everyone wins!



Membership Discounts - requires STAB card

Paradise Sports Shop

A huge Thank You to Paradise Sports Shop.  Since Paradise Sports Shop first opened they gave STAB members a generous 15% discount on Parts and Labor which amounts to thousands of dollars of savings to our members.   


Tygart Mountain Sports

Our friends at Tygart Mountain Sports in Ludlow have a huge selection of bike and ski gear for year-round fun. With your STAB membership card they are offering a 10% discount across the board, from sales to service. Stop in and say hi to Pat and Kevin next time you're in the Okemo area!

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Please consider supporting Sports Trails of the Ascutney Basin, without becoming a member.  A donation (in any amount you choose) can be made by clicking the button below.  To become a member, please go to and choose STAB as your primary or secondary membership.  Thanks so much!

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Click Here to watch some videos of people on our trails and pump track!

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Come and see what we're all about. Click on the tabs above (Join Us, Info, Trails etc...) to explore the site. Hold your cursor over the Info and Trails tabs to view more links.

This website offers three levels of access:

VISITORS can read about STAB as well as reading (but not writing replies to) public forum topics.

SUBSCRIBERS are registered users of, have access to more pages and can join in on forum discussions. Subscribe by registering (top right) your username, password and e-mail address.

MEMBERS are dues paid members of STAB. They have access to all maps and trail information. Subscribers can join STAB online, pay dues by credit card, and gain instant access to all of the site. Members who joined by mail must also subscribe to the site (register a username and password) in order to gain access to website features.

We hope you'll join us to preserve and build trails in the Ascutney Basin


Membership Benefits


  • Your membership dues help create more quality trails for you to use. This means you'll find new trails to explore.
  • Meet new people who love trails in the woods through the online Forum or at STAB events.
  • Having a strong local trail advocacy organization gives us a greater voice in issues important to trail users that will help with land access and landowner relations.
  • Learn how to properly build and maintain trails.
  • Improve your bike handling skills.

Dues Pay for:

  • Trail construction and maintenance. This is where the vast majority of the $ goes. We've now purchased over $1000 worth of trail tools, lumber and materials, and trail markers to post in STAB Mountainside. We also spend about $15-20 each trail work day on food and drink for volunteers. All of this comes together to make more miles of sweet, legal trails in the area.
  • IMBA and VMBA chapter dues, including our contribution to the VMBA Landowner Support Fund. These organizations support mountain biking on a broad scale, including interaction with the State and Feds to lobby for MTB-friendly policies. These two combined are about $200/yr.
  • This STAB website, becoming the central source for information about local trails.
  • Little miscellaneous stuff (postage, paper, ink, etc.)
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