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The purpose of STAB is to advocate for continued accessibility of low-impact, local trails used for multiple non-motorized sports in the Vermont towns of West Windsor, Hartland, Reading, Weathersfield and Windsor.  We will achieve this through mutual cooperation with landowners, other local organizations, state and local officials and conservation groups.  STAB seeks to educate all parties involved with respect to environmentally sound methods of responsible trail building, use, and maintenance. STAB seeks permission from private and public landowners to create and maintain sport trails.






  Trails are open!  Some are still closed due to continued squishyness.  Check the above link and for more info.


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3/7/2014 11:30 AM 12/31/2014 12:00 PM High Priority 2014 Membership is now through VMBA

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Dues are Due!

This year we are building a 3.2 mile loop in Ascutney State Park.  We need volunteers and money for materials.  This year we need to purchase a mower that can mow the trails that we have in the fields of the ski resort.  Hay Ride, Fielders Choice, Wind up/down, Last Mile and Jim's new loop that will eventually join with the 'connector' trail to Ascutney State Park.

Starting this year, memberships are through our parent organization Vermont Mountain Bike Association(VMBA).

Then you choose STAB/Ascutney Trails as your primary chapter.  Half of your membership dues come back to STAB the other half to VMBA.  VMBA uses the other half to fund a Trail Grant Fund that we as a club are guaranteed to get a piece of each year.  So the more people that join VMBA the larger the Trail Grant we as a club will receive!  So as a small to mid size club we will benefit by the pooled resources from larger clubs in the state.  You may also 'join' multiple clubs throughout the state by choosing secondary clubs that you'd like to support.   As a member you will receive many benefits, including  2 for 1 passes at 10 ski areas, free downhill and XC MTB passes, Dirt Rag subscription, and many, many discounts at vendors here and across the state.

Our plans for new trails and plans for maintaining them need your support through volunteer efforts and Membership.  Please join VMBA and choose STAB/Ascutney Trails.  Happy Trails!

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Please consider supporting Sports Trails of the Ascutney Basin, without becoming a member.  A donation (in any amount you choose) can be made by clicking the button below.  To become a member, please go to "Join Us" under the "Membership" tab above.  Thanks so much!

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ATVs are not allowed on Ascutney Trails

The Town Selectboard did not approve the request to ammend the Act 250 permit to allow ATV's in  the town forest


Ascutney Trails are open for Skiing, snow-shoeing, hiking and running as well as biking (fatbikes on packed snow or studded tires when frozen.  Please stay off the trails with bikes during periods of thaw.).

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